Building Great African Brands &
Global Brands in Africa


Brand Leadership Academy™ is our centre of excellence for delivering brand-driven leadership training and development.

The Brand Leadership Academy™ inspires and empowers individuals and organisations by strengthening their brand leadership capabilities to help them realise their potential and build great African brands and global brands in Africa.

Brand Leadership Academy™ has delivered training for private sector global organisations such as De Beers' global sales team and public sector organisations such as Brand South Africa, and delivers and/or facilitates various Masterclasses in Building Great Brands, Nation Branding, City Branding and Political Branding.

As the Founder and Secretariat of Brand Africa and Public Sector Excellence initiatives, Brand Leadership Academy organizes the Brand Africa FORUM and Roundtables, and the Brand Africa 100 - Most Valuable Brands in Africa, and Public Sector Excellence events and awards.

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