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World Wide Partners

Brand Leadership is a member of Worldwidepartners Inc. Worldwidepartners Inc. is the world’s 10th largest network of marketing communications agencies. Established in 1938, the Worldwidepartners Inc. network has over 90 partner marketing services agencies in over 50 countries and over 130 offices across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. Worldwidepartners Inc is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA with regional offices in EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Brand Leadership Academy

Brand Leadership AcademyTM is a centre of excellence in brand-driven, customer-centric leadership development in an information and borderless world. Working collaboratively with distinguished global and local scholars, decision makers and thought leaders in business and society, the Brand Leadership AcademyTM aims to inspire emerging and established leaders and companies by strengthening their leadership and brand building capabilities with cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary, world-class insights to help them realise their potential and build great brands in Africa and the world. The Brand Leadership AcademyTM advisory committee comprises experienced and respected scholars, decision makers and thought leaders in the private and public sector. Brand Leadership Academy is a Brand Leadership Group initiative.